Reviewing Moo's Luxe And Regular Business Cards

Published: 05th April 2012
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This past year, 50,000,000 Moo business cards were created and shipped..

Just one year later, the company expects to produce two times that.

Is this triumph well earned? Now that I have received both their basic and luxe cards, my opinion is yes.

Here is my comprehensive Moo business cards review and a glimpse at a number of ways Moo is a cut above most of the most well-known printing companies.

Imaginative Products:

You can create plain ole' business cards just about anyplace.

But if you would like your cards to show off as much as 50 unique illustrations or images in a single order, Moo is the solution.

Because of my marketing background, I think this concept is one of the most notable innovations in business cards in recent years, because of all the unique marketing opportunities it presents.


  • Beauty parlors can highlight finger nail art or stand-out hair styles

  • Retail shops or boutiques can send prospective buyers home with a photograph of the product they are interested in

  • Jewelry designers can highlight lots of examples of their work

  • A photographer can exhibit landscape photographs on one business card, wedding shots on another, etc.

  • A baker can showcase numerous pictures or even recipes that buyers can "collect"

  • A dessert designer can market both bridal cakes, kids cakes, and everything in between

  • A personal trainer can offer home weight-loss / exercise tips

  • Interior designers can present a sequence of "before and after" photographs for various rooms

To me there's nothing worse than a business card that doesn't create any impression or move a prospect toward a sale. Moo's "multi-design" concept more or less makes people visualize their card as a sales piece, rather than a contact card. And as a favorable consequence, they're much more likely to be kept, recalled... and shared with others.

Additionally, Moo's quality (that includes both print and paper quality) ranks among the best I have encountered.

Other options/add ons consist of mini business cards, round edges, a 100% recycled paper, as well as a super-heavy, 32-point paper stock (see the Moo Luxe section down below), supplying you with a number of options for standing out.

Moo Regular Business Cards:

I got myself a 50-pack of their standard business cards and uploaded a number of family pics so I could see how their business card builder functioned. It was very easy to work with and customize with my photos and contact details.

The cards were produced on a quite respectable 15.5 point stock.

Moo refers to the paper as "matte laminate"... and if you have ever felt silk business cards that's it's very similar. It's velvety and smooth and undoubtedly premium quality. Their standard cards are also thicker in comparison to most other business cards that I've experienced. The colors (full color on both sides) appears vivid, and the text crystal clear.

Please note: This paper stock is preferable should you decide to have full bleed photos on your cards.

Moo Luxe Business Cards:

Moo's most recent business card offering is known as Luxe.

I ordered a 50-pack of the "Freud" theme for my sister - as it's a great fit for her occupation as a social worker.

Luxe features super-thick 32-point stock, which is roughly double the thickness of their standard cards (and nearly triple the average card). It's a difference you'll detect immediately, as will your recipients.

Luxe are not velvety like their standard ones. They have a distinctive matte feel, of fine quality paper.

A unique stripe of color runs through the core of the stock - much like painted edge business cards, yet it's just the middle third, not the complete side of the card. Therefore should you look at a stack from the side, you will see alternating white, color, white. There are atleast four colours to pick from. An attractive touch I think.

Luxe aren't inexpensive, but the high quality and thickness more than justify the additional expenditure.

NOTE: Luxe is ideally suited for simpler designs or artwork, rather than full bleed photographs - which are present better on their regular card stock.

All Around Review:

My over-all purchasing, personalization, & product quality experience was very good. Moo's online business card builder lends itself to reasonably simple design, image upload and personalization, plus the order progression is smooth and imbued with style...

As soon as you submit your order you receive a confirmation from "Little Moo"... and as it's processed you receive a verification that the order has moved on to "Big Moo" for producing. Of course, you receive a shipping and delivery notification too, making the entire process headache-free. What's more, the cards are boxed and presented (especially in the case of Luxe) to delight.

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